The Journey of Hurun India Rich List

The growth story of Hurun India Rich List, a comprehensive compilation and ranking of richest individuals in India.

Since inception, Hurun Report India has been cataloging the stories of successful and emerging Indian entrepreneurs through its comprehensive research. In 2012, Anas Rahman Junaid (MD & Chief Researcher, Hurun Report India) decided to bring Hurun Report to India with a vision to narrate India’s entrepreneurial story to the world. He launched his first-ever “Hurun India Rich List” in 2012.

Hurun India Rich List (IRL) is the most comprehensive ranking of High Net worth Individuals (HNIs) in India. The basic criteria to be in the list is a minimum net worth of INR 1000 crore. The list aptly qualifies as the most comprehensive rich list aimed at tracking the private wealth in India. Hurun Report India is also the largest compiler of rich list globally.

Growth of the Hurun India Rich List

The stories that make up the Hurun IRL are the stories of the modern Indian economy. The List has grown from 100 people in 2012 to 953 people in the year 2019. The exponential growth reflects the trajectory of the Indian economy over period of 7 years as an explosion of wealth creation and entrepreneurship.

Figure 1- Growth of Indi

iduals in Hurun India Rich List Source: Hurun Research Institute

Women in the list

Hurun IRL also acknowledges the women entrepreneurs in the list by highlighting their contribution towards the list. Interestingly, representation of women in the List has increased by more than 1167% percent since 2013! 16% of the 2019 Hurun India Rich List is women, out of which 12 are self-made. The average of women in the list is 56 years.

Figure 2 – Women in Hurun

IRL Source – Hurun Research Institute

Pharma is king!

With 137 individuals on the list in 2019, Pharmaceuticals lead the list followed by Software & Services with 73 individuals and FMCG with 59 individuals. Other industries that had a good year include Food & Beverages, Agro-chemicals and Chemicals & Petrochemicals.

Figure 3 – Industry Analy

is, Hurun IRL Source – Hurun Research Institute

The List continues to closely observe the transitioning of India’s entrepreneurial landscape from being largely run businesses to new-age entrepreneurs and their revolutionary business ideas. With the IRL, we thrive to inspire young and aspiring entrepreneurs to takeaway valuable lessons from the stories of the modern Indian economy.

Wealth creation is fantastic, but transparent wealth creation deserves respect and Hurun India takes pride in celebrating the same…


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