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Hurun report has grown since1999 into a leading authority when it comes to the Chinese and Indian high net worth individuals. It started with a rich list in China, which came to be recognised as the benchmark of success in business. The wall street journal reported ten years ago that "People often aren't considered truly rich until anointed by Hurun Report..." Since then, Hurun Report has expanded its research abilities to become perhaps the world's leading research brand when it comes to the Chinese high net worth, adding in media, training and events. At the heart of what we do is challenge and promote entrepreneurship across the globe, believing that progress is helped by responsible entrepreneurship. The new generation of Indian entrepreneurs that are coming through are generating a huge buzz both in India and further afield, and carrying with it the hope that in a generation's time India will become the nation with the world's largest GDP. 

 Rupert Hoogerwerf


When we ventured Hurun Report in India, our Intention was to celebrate success stories of Indian entrepreneurs and spread word about their success. Over the course of 18 years,Hurun Report has become a trusted brand amongst the Chinese and Indian entrepreneurs. I do believe that the next decade presents a great opportunity for India to reposition as the economy that moves the world. It would be interesting to understand opportunities that can connect the next two super powers, India and China. Hurun already delivers the most comprehensive rich list from India. My mission is to find the synergies and contribute value to our stakeholders such as associated brands, entrepreneurs and above all, my motherland, India. 

Anas Rahman 

(Managing Director) 

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