“Passionate About Entrepreneurship” 


Hurun Report India serves as India’s definitive voice celebrating wealth creation, innovation and growth. Hurun Research is the very essence of  Hurun  Report India that delves and dwells in the existence, growth and distribution of wealth.Since its inception Hurun Research has been the litmus test of wealth in India. Hurun Research, through its various lists and reports, unearths valuations of individuals and establishments.


In the last years Hurun has further expanded by releasing Hurun Global Rich List, The Hurun India Rich List, The Hurun Philanthropy List  and more.
The purpose of these lists is to tell the story of  the modern world and India today, through the eyes of an entrepreneur. 


Below are briefs on Hurun Lists.


The Hurun Global Rich List- An annual ranking of the US dollar billionaires currently found across the world.The Hurun Global Rich List is published every year in the month of February and is one of the most respected properties globally.

The Hurun India Rich List - The Hurun India Rich List is considered the bible of wealth and de-facto of the Who's Who of Indian business. It is the most comprehensive Indian rich list and has so far identified 339 individuals from across India who have a net worth of atleast INR 1,600 Cr. Hurun Report's passion to discover more entrepreneurs each year is reflected in the annual India Rich List. Hurun Report India introduces a 600 member list this year, the expansive rich list being the first of its kind in India.

The Hurun India Philanthropy List- A ground breaking research list and a benchmark report on the state of charitable donations in India. The only philanthropy list in India with details of donations being received directly from the donor itself.

Hurun Research Institute also publishes the Hurun Wealth Report- An analysis of the wealth of Indian billionaires, the Hurun Art List- a ranking of the top Indian artists alive based on the sales of their works at public auction, The Hurun Sports List , Hurun under 50 First Generation Indian Entrepreneurs List and The Hurun Real Estate List.