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About Hurun Report


Hurun Report is a leading research, luxury publishing and events group established in London in 1998 with presence in India, China, France, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, Canada and Luxembourg. It is widely recognized world-over for its comprehensive evaluation of the wealthiest individuals across the globe. Hurun Report is the largest compiler of the rich list globally. Hurun Report Inc. has four divisions: Hurun Report Media, a stable of digital media and four magazines; Hurun Research Institute; Hurun Conferences, an active events division targeting entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals; and Hurun Investments, a USD20m early-stage venture capital fund with investments into tech, media, retail and education.


About Hurun India

“Promoting Entrepreneurship Through Lists and Research”


             Hurun India was launched in 2012, under the leadership of Anas Rahman Junaid, a graduate of the University of Oxford. Junaid met Rupert Hoogewerf, the founder of Hurun Global, through Oxford University and the duo thought it was the right time to speak about wealth creation in India as they saw India booming. Since then, Hurun India has been in the pursuit to celebrate the stories of India’s transparent wealth creation, innovation, and philanthropy.

Five Core Pillars of Hurun India

The Five core pillars of Hurun India are:

1. Wealth Creation - We celebrate transparent wealth creation by bringing to light success stories of some of the most amazing entrepreneurs through Hurun Rich Lists.

    * Hurun India Rich List is a ranking of individuals with a networth of INR 1,000 Crore+ and has grown to become the most comprehensive rich list from India. Over the last decade, the list grew from 100 individuals from 10 cities to 1,000+ richest Indians, from 76 cities.

    * Hurun Leading Wealthy Women List is the ranking of the richest self-made women in India.

    * Hurun Real Estate Rich List ranks the most successful Real Estate entrepreneurs in the country.

    * Hurun India Wealth Report is the most detailed Hurun study on wealth distribution land scape in India.

2. Value Creation - Under this pillar, Hurun celebrates the success stories of some of the most respected Indian companies through Hurun India 500 - a ranking of most valuable non-state-controlled companies and emerging companies and investors that make the future look bright for India through the Hurun India Unicorn Index, Gazelle List, Cheetah List, and Top Investors List.

3. Sustainability and Philanthropy - Hurun India Philanthropy List, which is on the 6th year anniversary, ranks India’s most generous entrepreneurs. Hurun India Impact 50 list ranks India’s most sustainable companies based on their alignment with UN Sustainability Development Goals

4. Art - In 2019, the Hurun India Art List was launched, aimed at tracking some of the most successful artists who are alive today by way of cumulative auction prices. Through the art list, our endeavor is to encourage individuals to collect Indian art.

5. Lifestyle and Luxury -The Hurun Luxury Consumer Survey debuted in 2019 to help understand about lifestyle and brand preferences of ultra-high net worth individuals while curating a survey to help them explain their spending habits.
Globally, The Hurun brand registers an estimated 8 billion views on the back of lists and research reports.



               Hurun India serves as India’s definitive voice celebrating wealth creation, innovation, and growth. Last year, Hurun further expanded its repertoire by releasing the Hurun Global Rich List 2021, a ranking of the 3,228 US dollar billionaires, so-called ‘Nine-Zero Club’, currently in the world and the tenth India Rich List which ranks the 1,007 richest individuals in India, allowing for comparisons between some of the most dynamic economies in the world. The purpose of this list is to try and tell the story of modern India through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

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